Tuesday, July 17, 2007

a changes in direction makes a different. A whole new photograhic perception.

There are lots of 'young' photographer on the street lately. I'm not too sure myself i should call them as a Photographer. What they do is they simply take a camera and start shooting and there goes their photographic perceptions.

With the low prices for consumer Digital SLR offered by top manufacturer such as Canon and Nikon, you can now own a Digital SLR from just not more then RM2300. The birth of consumer SLR was suppose to allow younger photographer to be exposed into a higher level of photography with lower budget. What happen today is everyone just want to get a Digital SLR and they don;t even know how to properly hold one.

What is the point of having a SLR and not using any Manual Function. If you like to always have it in Automatic or (P) might as well just buy a normal compact flash.

...to be continue..

and yes, my blog direction will change as well...i will try to provide more information regarding photography and will provide simple photography tutorial for those who wants to learn.



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