Monday, August 06, 2007

re-visiting Melacca Town ~ B&W~

The state of Malacca covers an area of 1,650-sq. km. or 1.3 percent of the whole area of Malaysia.

According to a popular legend, Parameswara was resting under a tree near a river while hunting, when one of his dogs cornered a mouse deer. In self-defence, the mouse deer pushed the dog into the river. Impressed by the courage of the deer, and taking it as a propitious omen of the weak overcoming the powerful, Parameswara decided on the spot to found an empire on the very place that he was sitting. He named it 'Melaka' after the tree under which he had taken shelter.

Melacca of course is Malaysia historical town and till today, some of the many culture still remain as what it is originated by decendants.

Photographed by
Alan Tan


koala said...

2nd pic.. teochew restaurant.. YUMMY FOOD!!

king said...

Which part of Melaka? Now still frame to to you is like piece of cake ad :)
Looking forward for another level from you!!