Monday, January 28, 2008

Once a Great City.

The historical city of Malacca.

A man named Parameswara from Srivijaya landed on this land during the 1400.
Resting under a tree, he witness a strange event.
His dog cornered a mouse deer. In self-defence, the mouse deer pushed the dog into the river.
He was impressed and decided to build an empire and it's called Malacca.

The great city of Malacca once became an international port for merchants, traders, warehouse and other facilities.

Nonetheless, being one of the important landmark in Southeast Asia. It has caught attention from the European. During the European colonization , the Portuguese took over the land and then the dutch and then the British.

The Malacca we known today is the third smallest state after Penang Island and Perlis.
Malacca has no Sultan today. The head of states is Governor.

These are some pictures of Melacca

Photographs by
Alan Tan


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