Monday, January 21, 2008

This is how i see Penang through my lens.

Penang Island is very much a state similiar to Singapore just that it's very much 'not organized' or well plan as Singapore. Nonetheless, i've always like Penang. Once said to myself, if i retire i would stay in Penang.

Just a little information for those interested to invest properties in Penang. There are super condo's all around. ranging from 4000sq.ft - 6000sq.ft for about 2mil-5mil per unit.

getting back to the photo's. I admit this series is not any great but still pictures worth a thousand words. This series is mainly about Penang Street and it's unique architecture. My beautiful girlfriend and me spend about 5 hours walking around the city taking pictures.

and this is how i see Penang through my lens.

Photographs by,
Alan Tan

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