Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pulau Pangkor ~ best of the west coast~

Pulau Pangkor is a little island off shore of Lumut, Perak State.
Getting there is cheap and the place is as good as any island on the west minus that the west coast is the straits of Mellaca so it's water is different.

The photographs is taken in Teluk Nipah , Pangkor Island which is one of the most commercial beach after Pasir Bogak.

The photographs was taken not to show the wide beach of the shorelines but to express the feeling of calm at heart is calm at mind. The one moment i had on the beach. It reflects to me about the people living in the island surrounded by water everyday. What they do and how they live. I don't even have to lock the car i rented nor to wind up the window. Nobody bothers to steal from you as they all live harmony. If i were to built a Surau next to a church and a big huge temple right opposite the both of them, i believe they will be no problem except that they'll start wondering what is the use of it only and where the money came from. :)

I hope you guys would enjoy this small series of photograph about Pulau Pangkor through my eyes in Photography.

Photographs by
Alan Tan


Kalar said...
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3kheng said...

When did you go Pulao Pangkor???
So happening~~ :)

alantan said...

hey kheng..so long never heard of you la...didn;t see you msn also..

hmmmm..i went to pangkor mid-march...when the student had their semester break lor...

it was a good trip though...
i'll probably see you in alor setar this late june..will let you know

Catryn said...

haha so remember last time after form 5 we when there :P mis that place