Friday, May 09, 2008

I have had a lot of love and i'm giving it to you : )

I think the best moment for a person would be graduations , being offered a job of a lifetime , getting married and most importantly giving chance for a new life.

Recently my head of department , Mr. Anonymous proposed to her 7 years girlfriend and she said yes to him. They have been rushing and arranging everything that they need to do for their wedding ceremony.

I was given a chance to be part of their involvement and my part is to capture some of their sweetest moment so that they could remember the moment and they could share it with their descendants. (when they time comes)

I'm happy but i have to admit my portrait photography is nothing comparable to any of the wedding house photographs . So i hope you guys will still enjoy and i'm really learning how to capture these shots and i have a bigger plan coming ahead of me.

I'll see you guys soon. Congratulations!

Photographs by
Alan Tan


3kheng said...

finally!!!practice makes perfect!!waiting 4 you man~~ :p

alantan said...

hahahahha....planning to do photography to the next step...more to the 'art form of photography ' then the money business generating ideal. ( this one is just some serious practice of taking weddings)

planning to do master's in photography...