Monday, June 30, 2008

take it differently this time.

Looking at sunset differently.

Found a place, top of the hill. Waiting for sunset standing behind fence and i start looking at the sunset differently. Overlooking the wide horizons i saw these little ants , never stop working and keep on going like there's never an end.

Sometime especially recently there were so many political tension. The recent changes in the government raise curiosity and the sudden petrol hike shaken half the nation and bend their trust towards them.

I have my view in this matter , the sun will still rise from the east and set on the west. The ants will still work and continue like there's never an end. East and West will still be east and west. Why worry about tomorrow if today has not ended?
Many times media tries to cheat us but many times media tries to cheer us too.
No matter what happen , we must also remember that we are still here and we will be here.

I hope you all will enjoy my picture and see it for yourself.

Alan Tan

Photographs by,
Alan tan

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