Friday, May 30, 2008

Outdoor Portraiture : KUANTAN : My Girlfriend

This is not a bimbo Blog. Not about how i spend my life daily or not about sitting in front of my webcam and start taking picture of my cute face. This is purely a photography.folio

Actually i have been doing potrait shots since a year ago but never really serious about it. I have been tied up with work alot nowadays and that also explains i actually didn't have much time to do my own photography works. I hope by the end of the year i would come out with what i call the
'ultimate folio' .We'll see about it yea...

Outdoot portrait is not as easy as you think it is or as difficult as you think it will be.
First of all, understanding outdoor portraiture must also means to understand human anatomy then personalities then posing.

But anyways , saying is a lot simpler...doing it is a whole new chapter.

these are some of my latest shots.

Photographs by
Alan Tan - loves you!


lingghezhi said...

hi dude. R u wee chin, from sri sentosa?

alantan said...

yeap...wee chin from sri sentosa...

how may i help you?

and you are?

3kheng said...

haha, alan grow up liao wor.... willing to share his "happiness" d wor :p