Saturday, October 25, 2008

Little Things About Us . . .

Life has been somewhere far now. It is great that sometime i wonder about how my life would be like. It is even greater when i really thought about it as being real in years to come. My life has been a journey to my success and it has taught me good lessons. In particularly my photographic journey has taught me important lessons about appreciating myself and constant things around me. It feels like there's a longer way in front of me but i am totally prepared for it.

Above photograph is about the little things in us...she's my loved one and sometime she amazed me with little surprises. The little things about us is we shared almost similar toughs about arts.
Arts is growing inside me and i'm struggling to absorb it. I had my artist block's (whichever terms you call it)

A friend told me my picture is somber...she maybe right..but i'll will be back into optimum performance soon..i can feel its here..just a little more time

to the best of all art works and artist around the world.

photographs by
Alan Tan


Mechi said...

i liked the little things about you, tough I ´couldn´t understand everything (english), but it´s nice :)

~síllч cαt~ said...

ALan tan you not single ok..u attached to nicola hehehe..hey once again nice pic ^^

alantan said...

Hey mechi,

thanks for visiting~
well i know it is complicated but i'm curently confused myself..
wish me luck!