Monday, November 03, 2008

Starts of a new life~ Andrew and Constance

Photographs by,
Alan Tan


pandanleaf said...

what a nice shot! i'm amateur photographer also but not as good as u.. i have 5 friends doing wedding photographic in jb. they r on own biz. since u r in kl, let's connect together see if there's some room between? i'm currently in guangzhou. pls feel free to visit my blog for all about canton once free. it's daily update. nice meeting u!

humanobserver said...

very passionate snaps.....

alantan said...


thanks for the comments .. it'll be great of we could do something together..i wouldn't mind...e-mail me of anything that you want to know at for visiting my blog too.

i'm very happy you could see that through my photography...thanks for the short comments.