Sunday, November 09, 2008

Walking and loving it~ UNESCO World Heritage City, Malacca

Walking Malacca this time is different in some ways because this little historic city has become a UNESCO World Heritage City which is worth the visits.

Many tourism site in the town now is undergoing major upgrades including the main river itself. This time the government really make it good and i really loves it. You can see people up and down all the time from morning until midnight. it is really a busy town now.

Being a Malaysian , I'm proud to help promote this place as Malaysia best tourist site.
My art through my photography is my way of contributing.

I hope you all will enjoy my latest set this Malacca series.

Photographs by
Alan Tan


Rainbow.G said...

eh y all the pic u edit so leng one..teach me teach me~~

alantan said...

non of the picture is post processed arl...~

melvin,foong said...

why ur pictures sengek one ?

alantan said...

hey melvin, thanks for visiting

The 'tilts' are very much just personal artistic perceptions...