Tuesday, August 04, 2009

One night in Bon Ton, Langkawi

It was indeed an ' experience ' staying in Bon Ton Resort , Langkawi.
Bon Ton Resort , unlike many other resort in Langkawi offers one of the best that the island can offer. It was founded by an Australian lady first owning an Animal Shelter home called ' LASSie' and then the boutique villas. Visit www.bontonresort.com

We were on a surprised trip to Langkawi arriving late in the evening , rented a car and driving towards the beach but most of the hotel is fully booked. Starting to worry as the day is getting late , i parked the car and start praying to GOD and then my girlfriend in a low tone says ' Preferably Bon Ton'. I wasn't paying much attention and we continue to drive. Driving fast in the winding roads of Langkawi , i passed the hotel and 'Hey, thats Bon Ton'.

We're amazed by the built of Bon Ton and i was thinking ' It looks better than the pictures online'. Immediately i walked to the lobby and the attention was all on us. The hospitality was very impressive as the man showed us the only one avaiable villa for that night which was called ' Yellow Orchid'. We walked in and at that point we have decided to take the room already.

The rest of the story i will just leave my photographs to tell. enjoy!

p/s: There were so many cats around Bon Ton premisses, 4 of them went into our villlas and slept with us through the night.

Photographs by,
Alan Tan


rumtum tigger said...

very pretty villa, full of characteristics.. although the cats looks good in the pics (yala skill la.. haha lol) i hate them.. hahaha :P

Rum Tum Cat said...

wow~~ very nice resort..

but i hate those cats.. >< sleep with me .. i wil kill them instantly

Coffee Pei pei said...

nice photos~~~

no animal allow on my bed!~jia Pei Rules

pait said...

nice pictures,EsPiAcLly ThOse cAtZ.

Anonymous said...

Nice pics Alan. Thanks for sharing. Langkawi is beautiful. Shame about the mentality of some people living there including the person in charge of the island though because it is dirty, bins are overflowing with rubbish, the drivers are super slow, there are no street lights in many areas and hotel/restaurant staff/service never apologise if the customer makes a complaint.

I blame Tourism Malaysia for this. They are selling tourism, yet they are offering rubbish!